Ki Longfellow Stanshall; Does the Trouser Press Baby! The Lost Lockport Interviews
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Longfellow Stanshall is the brilliant, and yes, controversial, author of several internationally best-selling books. She is also a prolific playwright, screenwriter, theatrical producer, soldier for women’s rights, world traveler, and oh by the way, the second wife of the late Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’s iconic, singer, composer, and frontman, Vivian Stanshall.
In this one-of-a-kind audio encounter between Ms. Longfellow and actor, author, and music historian Geoffrey Giuliano, the listener is afforded the rare opportunity to go deep inside the head and the heart of one of the most important and forceful female voices of our time on the subjects of art, culture, her turbulent life and times, and oh by the way, her amazing, almost otherworldly relationship with the great poet laureate of the 1960s, '70s, '80s and beyond renaissance man, Vivian Stanshall.
This is not to minimize the fact the obvious direction of this unexpected audio documentary is Ki’s decades long love affair with Vivian, rather, to truly enter into the deeper level of these remarkable conversations you must understand that Ki and Viv are both, in their own way, important and timely artists. Take heed, Ms. Longfellow is no airhead rock groupie, or pop band hanger-on, but rather an important voice in her own right.
To experience this sometimes rough and ready interview is to come away knowing far more about Vivian Stanshall as a man, lover, father, and artist than any fan, follower, acolyte, or devotee might ever hope to expect.
Hosted by Geoffrey Giuliano
Produced by India Juliana in Beijing/Devin Lawrence in California
Edited and mixed by Macc Kay in Bangkok
Project Coordinator Alex Franchi in Milan
Executive in Charge of Production Avalon Giuliano in London
Icon Intern Eden Giuliano in Delhi
Special thanks to Brandon Stickney
Dedicated to Vrindarani Devi 1953-2017
Music by AudioNautix with their kind permission
©2018 Accidental Alchemy (P)2018 Accidental Alchemy
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